Creating a New JACE Connector

The following information defines how to create a new JACE Connector.

Accessing the Connector Creation Screen

  1. Log in to Synergy through the Resolute Login Portal using the credentials you established during the account setup or by clicking the [Sign in with Google] button. You will be taken to the Customer List screen, which lists all your created customers using Customer Tiles
  2. On the Customer List screen, click the [Connectors] button associated with the customer for which you want to create a connector.  You will be taken to the Connectors screen.

Note: If you are already within Synergy/Configuration, Click "Connectors" in the side navigation menu. You will be taken to the Connectors screen.

Creating a JACE Connector with a Public Niagara Server

1. Access the Connectors screen and click the [New Connector] button. A New Connector dialog box appears.

2. In the New Connector dialog box, click the “NHaystack” button under Connector Type. Click the [Continue] button.

3. Click the “Connection to public Niagara Server” radio button. Click the [Continue] button.

4. The New Connector Configuration dialog box appears. Under “Protocol”, select either “HTTP” or “HTTPS” depending on network configuration.

5. In the “Port” text box, assign the correct Port based on the HTTP or HTTPS options and the enabled networking in Niagara.

6. In the “Hostname” text box, type the hostname or IP address of the JACE that has the NHaystack service installed as well as a unique user created.

7. In the “Username” text box, type the unique username created for the NHaystack user during the Niagara setup.

8. In the “Password” text box, type the password created for the NHaystack user during the Niagara setup.

9. In the “Name” text box, type a unique name to reference the connector.

Note: Multiple Connectors should each have their own unique names.

10. Click the [Test Connection] button.

11.  A Connection Established dialog box appears. Click the [Create] button.

12. The New Connector tile appears in the Connectors screen, confirming connectivity to the NHaystack module. When the Connector Tile status is "Good", proceed to Point Mapping. 

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