Firewall Configuration

The following information details how to configure various firewalls within your environment in order to use the Resolute VPN Connector.

Updating Antivirus Software to Allow the VPN Download

When downloading the VPN Installer from the Resolute website, some antivirus software firewalls may require configuration to allow downloads from our website. The following information provides instructions on how to update the AVG antivirus software package to allow you to download the VPN Installer. Other antivirus software packages may have to be updated in a similar fashion to allow the successful downloading of the VPN.

1. Open the AVG antivirus software and select "Web & Email".

2. Click "Menu" and then click "Settings".

3. Select "Exceptions", click the [Add Exception] button and in the text box, enter the URL as shown below. Close the window and proceed with the download.

Niagara Firewall Configuration

For the Resolute VPN Connector to work with Niagara, please ensure inbound access is allowed to the Niagara web server. If you have antivirus software installed, the firewall inbound rules will require updating to allow access. If no antivirus software is installed on your system, please verify the Microsoft Windows firewall does not have the port blocked. The firewall is likely configured on port 80 and/or port 443. You will need to allow incoming access on the port(s) on which Niagara is "listening".

Windows Firewall Configuration

The following instructions are specific to Windows 10 Enterprise. Screens may appear different in other versions of Windows.

1. From the Windows start menu, search for Firewall and select "Windows Firewall with Advanced Security".

2. A window will open in which Firewall rules can be added. Right-click "Inbound Rules" and select "New Rule" from the dropdown menu.

3. The "New Inbound Rule Wizard" will open. Select the Port toggle and click the [Next] button.

4. Enter the desired port (the port on which Niagara will be listening) and click [Next].

5. Select the "Allow the connection" toggle and click [Next].

6. Select all the rules. Click [Next].

7. In the Rules textbox, type a name. Click [Finish]

Antivirus Firewall Configuration

The following instructions are specific to Norton Antivirus Security Software. These steps should be similar to other antivirus software packages.

1. Open your Norton AntiVirus Security software and select "Settings".

2. Click "Firewall".

3. The Firewall configuration window will open. Select the "Traffic Rules" tab and click [Add].

4. Select "Allow connections that match this rule." and click [Next].

5. Select "Connections from other computers" and click [Next].

6. Select "Any computer" and click [Next].

7. Select "TCP" as the protocol and click [Add].

8. Select "Individually specified ports" and type the Niagara port in the text box. Click [OK].

9. Select the "If Explicitly requested" toggle and click [Next].

10. Type a name for the rule in the text box and click [Next].

11. Review the changes and click [Finish].

12. A new rule will be displayed. Click [Apply] to save the changes.

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