VAV Controller Performance Report


This report evaluates Variable Air Volume box (VAVs), airflow damper, and reheat valve commands based on total actuator movement and oscillations over time.

Intent of Report

This report intends to identify improperly tuned loops in the air terminal unit programming. 


The VAV equipment type must include one of the following input points to appear on the report. 

  • DmprCmd or RhtCmd

Primary Metrics

Key metrics in evaluating the operation of the equipment within the report

  • DmprCmd commands per hour
  • RhtCmd commands per hour

Scored KPIs

  • Current Damper Command vs Previous Damper Command (evenly distributed ROS)
  • Current Reheat Command vs Previous Reheat Command (evenly distributed ROS)

Input Points

To appear in a report, each piece of equipment of the appropriate type and with the appropriate equipment tag constraints must have at least one input point.

Standard Input Points

A standard input point is typically a proxy point with time-series data that is retrieved at regular intervals from a remote data source such as Niagara using a Resolute Connector. Below are the Standard Input Points for the VAV Controller Performance Report.

Point Template Positional Requirements Optionality
DmprCmd The point must be a direct child of the equipment Optional if RhtCmd is available
RhtCmd The point must be a direct child of the equipment Optional is DmprCmd is available
DaFanSts The point must be a direct child of the parent AHU Optional

Sample Report

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