Fusion Account Management

Logging In Using a Resolute Account

1. Access the Resolute Login Portal. 

2. In the "Email Address" field, type the email address used during the account setup. Click the [Continue] button.

3. In the "Password" field, type the password created during the account setup.

4. Click the [Log in] button. You will be taken to the Fusion Home screen.

Logging In Using a Google Account

1. Access the invitation email sent to the Google account that will be used with Resolute Fusion. 

2. Click the [Accept Invitation] button. 

3. The Resolute Login Portal will open in a new window. Click the [Sign in with Google] button. 

4. Type the email or phone number associated with the Google account and click [Next].

5. Type the password and click [Next].

Note: This section defines how to set up a Resolute account and log in and out of the system. If 2-Step Verification is turned on for the Google account you will see an additional step to verify the account.

6. After submitting the Google sign-in credentials, the Terms of Use document will appear. Click [Accept] to complete the sign-in. You will be taken to the Fusion Home screen.

Resetting Your Account Password

1. In the “Email Address” field, type the email address used to create the account and then click the [Continue] button.

2. Click the "Forgot your password button?". 

3. Enter your email and click [Send reset instructions]. You will receive an email with password reset instructions.

4. Access the password reset instructions email and click the “Change my password” link. You will be taken to a Change Password screen.

5. Enter a new password in the “New password” field and reenter the password in the “Re-enter New Password” field.

Note: When creating your password, make sure it contains at least eight characters, one number, one capital letter, and one special character.

6. Click the [Change my password] button. Your password will be changed, and you will be taken to the Fusion Home screen.

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