Resolute Solution

The Resolute analytics and reporting solution consist of two complementary software applications—Resolute Synergy™ (Synergy) and Resolute Fusion™ (Fusion). Think of Synergy and Fusion as two components of a single solution that seamlessly work together to quickly connect your building, collect and configure data, apply analytic rules to building data, and use the resulting analytic insights to better understand your building’s performance and to rapidly resolve identified issues.     

Solution Overview 

Resolute Synergy™ is our patented building-integration software. Synergy is the tool used to connect your building to the Resolute Cloud and configure your building to capture the correct data in the correct formats to ensure the best, most accurate analytics results. Synergy streamlines this process through automated mapping, tagging, and application functionality, significantly reducing the time and effort involved in the building-integration process.