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Building Configuration Process Overview 

Configuring a building in Synergy includes two broad categories: Set Up and Maintenance

Set Up

The Set Up process includes initial the configurations needed to connect a building. This includes data collection, mapping and tagging points and equipment to ensure optimal analytic results.


The Maintenance component involves ongoing configuration activities. Including rule and computed points application, building location and baseline setting, and others, that occur after the Framework activities are implemented to complete the configuration process.

The following figure depicts the general process flow of setting up and using the Resolute Solution. 

STEP 1: CONNECT Establish foundational elements for integration Create Account Create Customer Profile Select Connector Create Connection  STEP 2: CONFIGURATION & ENABLE Set the groundwork for data handling and rule application Map points Tag Equipment Tag Points Enable Computed Points Enable Rules Enable Reports Custom Dashboard  STEP 3: OPTIMIZE AND MONITOR INSIGHTS Leverage Fusion for advanced analysis and monitoring Access Action Center Access Analytics Explore Data Access Dashboards Access Reports

Solution Icons Reference 

The following information provides a reference source for the various icons used as part of Synergy’s and Fusion’s navigation schemes. 

Synergy Navigation Icon Reference

Icon Name Navigates to...

Connectors Connectors screen

Point Mapper

Point Mapper Point Mapper screen

Equipment Tagging Equipment Tagging screen

Points Tagging Points Tagging screen

Plant Relationships Plant Relationships screen

Site Editor Site Editor screen

Computed Points Application Computed Points screen

Rules Application Rules Application screen

Reports Access Reports screen in Fusion

Custom Dashboards Custom Dashboards screen

Configuration Site Editor screen

Audit Job Statuses screen in Synergy Audit

Job Statuses Job Statuses screen in Synergy Audit

Rules Audit Rules screen in Synergy Audit

Points Audit Points screen in Synergy Audit

User Audit Users screen in Synergy Audit

Customer List Customer List (Home) screen

Expand/Collapse Expands of collapses the side navigation menu

Fusion Navigation Icon Reference 

Icon Name Navigates to...

Overview Portfolio Overview screen

Energy Use Energy Usage Overview screen

Action Center Action Center

Explorer Explorer screen

Analytics Analvtics screen

Custom Dashboards Custom Dashboards screen

Reports Reports Overview screen

Document center Export Data screen

User Management User Management Screen

Help Center Resolute Help Center
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