What are Analytics

Analytics – or data analytics – analyze raw data and turn it into concise, actionable, and prioritized answers. Resolute then uses these analytics by converting the answers into easy-to-read reports and scorecards. 

In the past analytics were conducted by teams of data scientists pouring over massive amounts of data to develop insights on correlations, trends, and patterns. With the introduction of The Internet of Things (IoT), data is now democratized, and the Cloud has made advanced technology available to a multitude of companies. The monumental increase in computing power paired with easily accessible computer processors has made making meaningful improvements based on the data collected and analyzed easily attainable. 

In the building industry, the use of analytics is rapidly becoming the norm in helping building owners and service providers alike drastically improve building performance. Competitors in the building services market benefit from using analytics by reducing utility use and maintenance costs. Resolute draws further benefits from building analytics by producing real-time insights that prevent or resolve performance issues – replacing guesswork with data-driven answers. 

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