Analytics Screen Organization

The following information defines how to access the Analytics screen and provides a general organizational overview of the screen components.

Accessing the Analytics Screen Through Fusion

1. Log into Fusion through the Resolute Login Portal using the credentials you established during the account setup or by clicking the [Sign in with Google] button.

2. Click "Analytics" in the side navigation menu. You will be taken to the Analytics screen.

Understanding the Analytics Screen Layout

The following information provides an overview of the various elements included on the Analytics screen.

Legend Screen Element Description
A Filter Bars Dropdown bars used to filter results by Equipment Type and Rule
B Calendar Widget Widget used to set the date interval
C Fault Indicator Displays fault percentages for all equipment
D Max Fault Duration Displays the maximum percentage of time equipment has been faulted
E Rule Count Displays the number of Rules applied to the equipment
F Equipment Path Asset Tree list
G Details Dropdown pane that lists faults for all Rules within the selected building
H Point Selector Action button that takes you to the Explorer screen to view charts for building or Rule
I Timeline Bar Displays duration Rule has been faulted during the selected time frame
J Rules Lists the Rules set within the Asset selected

The following table illustration shows the screen location of each of the elements listed in the preceding table.

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