Base Configuration Guide


This guide provides basic directions for installing nHaystack and setting up the Synergy software. After completing all the steps, the user will have a range of Reports enabled. 

Key Assumption 

Before starting the nHaystack download and Synergy setup, it is recommended the IT requirements and supporting VPN documentation below are shared with your company’s IT group. 

System Security Practices 

Service Commitments and System Requirements 

In order to have a successful connection, Niagara must be open to “talk” on port 443 and OpenVPN requires outbound access on UDP 1194.  

Step 1: Download and Install nHaystack 

Note: The following directions and images are based on using nHaystack version AX. Requirements for other versions will be noted.

  1. Use the table below to download the version of nHaystack that best fits your systems Niagara. 
Niagara  nHaystack Version  Download Link 
4.7 - 4.8   v3.0.1 Beta 
4.9 - 4.10  v3. 
AX  v1.3.1 
4.9 and up 



2. Open the download that appears at the bottom of the browser.  

3. Install the extracted files in the Modules file folder for Niagara. 

Note: Niagara N4 installations will have an additional ".wb" jar file to install.

4. In the Modules folder, open the Palette in Niagara and drag the nHaystack Service into the "services" container in the station. 

5.  In the Station services, right-click the nHaystack service > select Actions > select Initialize Haystack.