Computed Points Audit Screen Organization

The following information defines how to access the Computed Points Audit screen and provides a general organizational overview of the screen components.

Accessing the Computed Points Audit Screen

1. Log in to Synergy through the Resolute Login Portal using the credentials you established during account setup or by clicking the [Sign in with Google] button. You will be taken to the Home screen, which lists all your created customers.

2. On the Home screen, under "Data Audit"click the [Computed Points] button associated with the customer or building you want to audit Computed Points for. You will be taken to the Computed Points Audit screen.

Understanding the Computed Points Audit Screen Layout

Legend Screen Element Description
A Table Filters Filters selection of Computed Points shown
B Status Indicator Bar Color-coded visual scheme to identify Computed Point statuses
C Clear Filter Button Action button used to clear filter selections
D Apply Filter Button Action button used to apply filters
E  Asset CoumnColumn Displays Asset
F Asset Type Column Displays Asset Type
G Asset Path Column Displays Asset Path of the equipment
H Computed Point Column Displays available Computed Point Candidates
I Last Emit Table Displays Timestamp of the last known data of the Computed Point instance

The following illustration shows the screen location of each of the elements listed in the preceding table. 

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