Computed Points Prospects

The Prospects tab is designed to display potential Computed Point Candidates and the errors that prohibit them from becoming a functioning Computed Point. Once the error has been corrected, use the Generate Candidates tab to add Candidates to the Disabled Computed Points screen.

Viewing Computed Points Configuration Audit Results

1. Click the "Prospects" tab.

2. Use the table filters to sort and filter prospects

Note: See the Computed Points Data Segmentation document for directions on searching and filtering the Prospects tab results.

3. In the Configuration Audit column, click the “View” icon for the audit result you would like to view.

4. A “Computed Point Configuration Audit” pop-up will appear with the details of the Asset Path, Computed Point, and Error Messages.

5. Click [Ok] to close the pop-up.

Printing Computed Point Configuration Audits

1. Click the “Print” link in the right-hand corner of the pop-up. Your computer system’s default printer dialog box appears.

2. Select the appropriate printing parameters, and then click the [Print] button.

Note: Based on the make and related software of your computer system, the printer dialog box and associated parameter may be different than what is depicted in the following figure.

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