Action Center Functionality

Fusion Action Center functionality allows you to create, update, and view Action Summaries for Customers and buildings. 

Creating a New Action

1. While in Fusion, click "Action Center" in the side navigation menu. You will be taken to the Report Overview screen.

2. Click the [View Actions] button on the Action Center overview page for the building you would like to create a new action for. 

Note: The above step is for customers with multiple buildings. Customers with a single building will be taken straight to the building's Action Center page.

3. The "Create New Action" pan will appear. Select the Action Type from the dropdown menu. 

4. Select the Action's Priority.

5. Type a Title for the Action.

6. Select an Assignee from the dropdown list. 

7. Type a Description for the Action. 

8. Select the Cost and Effort from the dropdown menu.

9. Click [Create].

Note: Steps 4-9 must be completed for the [Create] button to become active. Additional information may be added to further define the action.

Viewing Actions

Actions are displayed on three different screens and are sorted by Action State: Work Log, Blocked Actions, and Closed Actions. 

1. Click the tab that contains the Action you are trying to view. 

2. Use the dropdowns and search bars at the top of each column to sort and filter the Action results. 

Note: Use the search and filter bars by clicking the text box and selecting from the list or start typing.

3. Click the Action on the list. 

4. The Action details will appear on a new screen. 

5. Click the Building name on the top left of the screen to return to the action list. 

Exporting Actions

1. Click the select box for the Action(s) you would like to export. Click the "Export" icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Note: Click the "Select All" box at the top of the list to select all listed Actions.

2. The "Export Actions" pane will appear. Type a title in the "Export Title" dialog box. 

3. Use the dropdown menu to select how you would like the Action items sorted. 

4. From the list, select what fields of the Action you would like to export. 

5. Click the [Export] button.

6. A pop-up will appear informing you the Export was successful. Click the link in the pop-up or visit the Document Center to view the download. 

Adding Comments to Actions

1. Click the Action you would like to comment on. 

2. The Action will open on a new screen.

3. Click the text box at the bottom of the Comments pane.

4. Type your comment, then click the send button. 

Note: To view previous comments for the Action, follow the steps, and any comments posted will be displayed in the Comments pane.

Editing Actions

1. Click the Action you would like to edit. 

2. Click the "Edit" button at the top of the Actions details screen.

3. The dropdown menus and dialog boxes will become active. 

4. Make the necessary changes. Click [Save].

Updating Action State

1. Click the Action you would like to change the Action State for.

2. Click the current Action State and a dropdown menu will appear. Select the updated state from the list. 

3. A confirmation pop-up will appear. Click [Confirm].

4. The Action State will be changed, and the Action will now appear in the corresponding tab on the Building Overview screen.

Note: If you are changing the Action State to "Blocked" additional information is required before the [Confirm] button becomes active.

Watching Actions

Watching an action allows you to be notified by email when changes are made to an Action. These changes include updating the Action State, Additional Comments, or edits to the Action. 

1. Click the tab that contains the Action you are trying to watch. 

2. Click the "Watch Action" button. 

3. To cancel the Watch status, click the "Stop Watching" button.

Deleting Actions

1. Click the Action you would like to delete. 

2. Click the "Trash" icon on the top of the Action details screen.

3. A "Delete Action" confirmation pop-up will appear. Click [Yes, Delete Action]. The Action will be removed from the Action Center. 

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