Fusion Custom Dashboards Functionality

Fusion Custom Dashboards functionality allows you to view data for Summary and Standard Dashboards, configure the date range, and export point data.

Specifying Dashboard Time Frame

Using the Date Settings Menu

1. Click the Date Settings icon to display the Time Interval and Time Range for the selected Dashboard.

2. Use the dropdown menus to select the Time Interval and Time Range.

3. Click the [Continue] button. The Dashboard(s) will be updated based on the selection.

Using the Date Selector Widget

1. Click the date in the top right corner of the dashboard.

2. The “Go To Date” calendar will appear.

3. Select the desired date.

4. Click [Continue]. The Dashboard(s) will be updated based on the selection.

Exporting Point Data from a Dashboard

1. Click the "Export Points" button for the Dashboard that contains the desired data. 

2. In the "Export Points" window, click the [Search for Points] button.

3. Type a point identifier in the search box. 

4. Click the point from the list. 

5. Use the dropdown to edit the aggregation if necessary.

6. Repeat the above steps until all desired points are listed.

7. Use the dropdown menus to adjust the Date Range, Downsampling Interval, and Time Zone to narrow search results. 

8. Click the [Submit] button.

9. An "Export Job Submitted" pop-up window will appear. Once the job is complete, an export link will be emailed to the Resolute User account. 

Note: The exported file will also be available to view and download in the Document Center.

Filtering Dashboards by Building

1. Click the building name textbox in the upper right corner of the dashboard. 

2. A dropdown list will appear, select a name from the list or type it into the text box to narrow the results.

3. The dashboard will update to display the selected building.

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