Fusion Custom Dashboards Screen Organization

The following information defines how to access the Custom Dashboards screen in Fusion and provides a general organizational overview of the screen components.

Accessing the Custom Dashboards Screen

1. Log in to Fusion through the Resolute Login Portal using the credentials you established during account setup or by clicking the [Sign in with Google] button.

2. Click “Custom Dashboards” in the side navigation menu. You will be taken to the Custom Dashboards screen.

Understanding the Custom Dashboards Screen

Fusion’s Custom Dashboards screen has two main functions. A Summary Dashboard is displayed at the top of the screen and contains an overview of data for the portfolio. Standard Dashboards are listed below the Summary Dashboard and are configured to view specific data sets for each building.

Legend Element Description
A Date Settings Dropdown menus used to select Time Interval and Range for the selected dashboard
B Summary Dashboard Displays data overview for portfolio
C Date Selector Used to open calendar
D Refresh Button Action button used to refresh data set
E Export Button Action button used to export selected point data
F Standard Dashboard Displays specific data sets for buildings
G Dashboard Selector Dropdown menu used to select the Standard Dashboard to view

The following illustration shows the screen location of each of the elements listed in the preceding table. 

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