Explorer Functionality

Explorer functionality allows you to select any number of mapped and tagged equipment points to generate interactive charts that provide deep-dive visibility into equipment performance. 

Generating Charts

1. In Fusion, select "Explorer" in the side navigation menu, You will be taken to the Explorer screen. The Point Selector window appears.

Note: The Point Selector window incorporates a branching navigation structure; use the legend at the bottom of the window to interpret the Asset Types.

2. Click the desired building in the list. The selection expands to show all mapped Assets, including; "Sub-Buildings", "Floors", and "Equipment" associated with the building. 

3. Continue to navigate the Asset tree until you locate the specific piece of equipment you want to chart.

4. Click the equipment name. A list of tagged points associated with the selected piece of equipment becomes available. 

5. Click the points you want to chart. The points appear in the “Selected Points” pane and the [Chart Points] button becomes active.

Note: You can quickly select all points for charting associated with a piece of equipment by double-clicking the equipment name.

6. Click the [Chart Points] button. The chart(s) based on your selected points are generated.

Note: The Chart Explorer groups points of the same unit together within one time-series chart. Point data that has a Boolean value will be displayed in the bar chart format.

Removing Individual Points from the Selected Pane

To remove an individual point from the Selected pane of the Point Selector:

Click the "Remove" icon associated with a point.

The selected point is removed from the chart. Click [Chart Points] for the updated charts.

Note: The point counter at the bottom of the Point Selector window displays the current number of points selected. 2,500 is the maximum number of points that can be charted.

Removing All Points from the Selected Pane

To remove all points from the Selected Points pane of the Point Selector:

Click the "Clear" button at the top of the pane.

All selected points are removed from the pane.

Note: To reset the Asset tree, double-click the building name.

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