Explorer Chart Interaction

The following information defines how to interact with generated charts to obtain specific point data information. You should already be on the Explorer screen in Fusion with points charted for these directions.

Note: The directions below apply to both line and bar charts.

Viewing Selected Point-Data Timestamp Information

To see point-data timestamp information, hover your mouse pointer over an area in the chart. A crosshair tool will display, indicating your precise location in the chart and providing the specific date and time stamp associated with your chosen location. Moving the mouse about the chart dynamically updates data and the time stamp, at the top of the legend, based on new positions.

Selecting and Deselecting Point Data

The default setting for generated charts is for all selected points to be displayed. 

To isolate a specific point for viewing, click the colored icon for the point(s) in the chart legend.

Those points become inactive, and the chart dynamically updates to display the selected point(s).

Note: To return to the charts default state, click the "View Toggle" icon in the top left corner of the charts legend.

Viewing a Singular Timestamp Value in Charts

To view specific date/time values for all the points, hover your mouse over the desired timestamp and click once.

The chart legend will list the values for all displayed point(s) for the associated date and time.

Clicking a different spot on the chart allows you to mouse the mouse about the chart to dynamically update values based on new positions in the date interval.

Isolating a Specific Timeframe for Points in Charts

1. Hover your mouse pointer over the desired starting point, click and hold the mouse button, then drag your mouse to the desired endpoint.

2. Release the mouse button. All line and bar charts displayed on the screen update to the specified timeframe.

3. To exit the specified timeframe, click the zoom out icon right of the zoom bar.

Setting the Chart Date Range with the Calendar Widget

You can set the date interval with the calendar widget at the top left of the charts screen.

Using the Calendar Widget Preset Intervals

1. Click the calendar icon on the widget. A drop-down menu appears.

2. To use preset dates, click the desired date interval on the left side of the dropdown. Your selection will be highlighted on the calendar to verify the update. 

3. The [Apply] button will become active. Click [Apply]. The charts will be updated with the selected dates. 

Manually Defining Date Intervals

1. Click the "Calendar" icon on the widget. A drop-down menu appears.

2. For custom dates, choose the start date and then choose the desired end date. Your selection will be highlighted to verify the date range. 

3. The [Apply] button will become active. Click [Apply]. The charts will be updated with selected dates. 

Adjust Chart Formatting Settings

The Chart Formatting settings allow you to make changes to the downsampling interval and aggregation of the points. 

1. Click the "Chart Formatting" icon at the top right fo the Charts screen. The Chart Formatting pane will open.

2. To change the downsampling interval, click the dropdown arrow and choose the time interval.

Note: "Downsampling" refers to the time interval at which point data is processed.

3. To change the aggregation, click the edit button next to the point and choose the desired aggregation level.

Note: To make bulk changes, click the checkbox at the top of the list of points you want to be adjusted.

4. The [Update] button becomes active. Click the [Update] button to save changes and view the new formatting on the Charts screen. 

Exporting Chart Data

1. Click the "Export Data" icon at the top of the screen.

2. The Export Data pane appears. Type a name for the document and choose the downsampling interval time from the dropdown list. 

3. Click the [Export] button.

4. A "Your Export Was Successful" dialog appears. use the "Click Here" link on the dialog to view the export or click "Document Center" in the navigation Menu

Note: As part of this process, you will also receive an email from support@resolutebi.com informing you that your export is available for download and providing a link to access your file.

Accessing Exported Chart Data

1. Click "Document Center" in the navigation menu to view the list of exported data.

2. Once you have located the document you would like to view, click the "Download" icon. 

3. The document will appear as a download at the bottom of your browser. Click to open. 

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