Plant Relationship Functionality

Plant Relationships functionality allows you to create Plants and System Loops, assign System Types, and change System Names. You should already be on the Plant Relationships screen of Synergy with points mapped for these directions.

Creating a New Plant

1. In the Plant Lists pane, click the [Create New Plants] button. 

2. A "Create Plants" pop-up will appear. Select the location of the Plant from the building list. Click [Continue}.

3. Use the add button to add the number of Plants you would like to create. Click [Continue].

4. Type the Plant display names in the text boxes. Click [Create Plant(s)].

Note: Creating a Plant will also create a Plant Asset in Site Editor. The Plant Asset will be located within the Building or Sub-Building selected in the first step.

5. The Plant will be displayed in the Plants List. Follow the directions below to add Loops and Equipment to the Plant and update configuration options. 

Assigning Plant System Types

1. In the Plants List pane, select the Plant for which you want to add or change the System Type

2. Click the System Type dropdown in the Configuration Options pane and select the type from the list. 

3. Click the [Update] button. The System Type will be assigned to the Plant.

Creating System Loops

1. In the Plants List pane, select the Plant you would like to create a Loop in.

Note: The Plant System Type must be assigned before creating Loops.

2. Click the [Create Loop] button in the Configuration Options pane. 

3. In the "Create Loops" pop-up window, click the add icon next to the type of Loop you want to create. Click the [Continue] button.

Note: A Secondary Loop must be created before a Tertiary Loop.

4. Type the Loop Display name(s) in the text box and click [Create Loop(s)].

5. The new Loops will appear in the Plant Builder pane. 

Adding Equipment Relationships

1. In the Plants List pane, select the Plant you would like to add Equipment Relationships to. 

2. Select the Loop from the Plant Builder pane. 

3. Click the [Add] button to add Equipment Children.

4. In the "Add Related Equipment" pop-up, click the checkbox by the equipment to be added

Note: Click the select all checkboxes next to "Equipment Type" to select all Equipment Assets listed.

5. Click the [Select Assets] button. The equipment will appear in the Selected Assets pane. 

6. Once all desired equipment has been selected, click the [Create Relationships] button. The equipment will now appear in the Equipment Relationships pane. 

Note: To remove equipment from the Selected Assets pane, click the checkbox next to the Asset name, and click "Remove Asset".

Changing System Names

1. In the Plant Builder pane, select the Plant or Loop for which you would like to change the display name. 

2. In the Configuration Options pane, use the Display Name text box to make the desired changes.

3. Click the [Update] button. The updated display name will now appear in the System Loop pane.

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